How to get the most out of your Android mobile?

Published on : 11 February 20213 min reading time

Currently, there are more than 67% of the world population using Android phones in their daily lives. So Android smartphones have great potential for anyone who wants to make money. Yet few people know how to exploit it. This article will help you take better advantage of the resources offered by these devices.

Android and its environment

First of all, it is important to know that the Internet is the largest information network in the world where more than 54% of searches are done by Android mobile. It is important to know on which domain the Android or the android environment is developing. Its massive and frequent use leads to the birth of a new business, digital commerce. This is manifested by online businesses which are very convenient because they are easy to use, accessible and fast. Famoco offers you the opportunity to keep in touch with your entourage anywhere and anytime thanks to social networks. But it also allows you to develop your social relationships, improve your creativity, and also a source of knowledge. The android environment manifests itself in the economic and social field, but also intellectually.

The benefits of using Android smartphones

When we talk about Android mobile, we need to discuss applications. There are already more than 200 billion apps downloaded for Android mobiles. Apps are the heart of the mobile market with a $100 billion market. So you have to understand and master your applications if you want to make a profit in your business. It’s important, because it offers direct contact with your customer, excellent for advertising, having more customers, constantly evolving to be up to date. It is also a trend for young people because it is an entertainment tool. But also for adults, because it facilitates the development of their business. This offers a wide choice for Android mobile users. Its use has become indispensable in our daily lives.

The use of Android on different devices

Android devices are not just about Android phones with 2.1 billion active users. It is used on tablets by more than 1.41 billion users. But also on the majority of today’s TVs that are connected to the Net which is called smart TVs. The use of Android is more important in front of the iPhone with 80% of use on the market. This is due to the many advantages offered by the different Android devices. It is then interesting to know what these devices bring us more precisely for smartphones. First of all, it facilitates communication between contacts everywhere like video calls, it is equipped with a GPS to better orient oneself. Besides, it is more accessible and more cost-effective than computers and also less bulky and more portable.

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