The smartphone is a technology that we encounter at any time of the day. Indeed, today it has a power and practicality never seen before in the history of mankind. We can do a lot of things just with this little marvel. Our phone can even be transformed into a terminal with an adapted application.

Professional Android handsets

Using its Android OS made for professionals, Android device terminals are designed to protect data. The importance of this maneuver is to protect the secrecy of companies against possible spies. The control of these terminals is done with a remote platform. Thus, you can locate your point of sale, administer applications, configure terminal settings securely and quickly anywhere and at any time. Finding these terminals is simple on the internet. In a few clicks, you can come across platforms that help you create and manage your professional Android terminals without any remote market value. The devices are often delivered without the Google Play service, ensuring the containment of metadata.

The application to turn your smartphone into a Linux device

The Linux system has always fascinated computer and technology enthusiasts. This is because this operating system is free and it is also gaining power day by day. A smartphone transformed into a Linux terminal is therefore a dream for most geeks. A free application called Linux CLI Launcher replaces the home screen and the application drawer. After installation, the interface becomes a command line like the Linux terminal. Launching an application only by pressing its icon then becomes impossible. But you have to enter a command line to be able to launch them. For example, you can run "uninstall 'name'" to uninstall or "share 'file'" to share. The application exists for any Android device with a version higher than 2.2.

Turn your smartphone into an electronic payment terminal

The purpose of technological progress is to make life easier or to give great satisfaction. Entrepreneurs and businesses can now collect credit card payments with ease. It should be noted that an Android electronic payment terminal must be at the international standard. The payment process is as follows: first, you must enter the amount on the Android application, then you must swipe the card through the terminal or over it if possible, and finally receive the receipt by e-mail.