There's no denying that technology is constantly evolving. Thousands to billions of people use android smartphones. The development of ticket validators and ticket generators has also played a major role. How do they work?

Description of the application

The mobile application is a ticket validator. Every ticket is secured by a QR code which is a barcode that is embedded on paper or mobile. Android Ticket Validator is a smartphone application that reads, scans or decodes these barcodes to certify their validity. It allows you to check the authenticity of a ticket and will let you know if it is valid or invalid. The application is intended for administrators, i.e. they have access to it and decide whether or not to validate the ticket in a short time. Users or guests are therefore instantly informed of this validity. Serial codes are printed on each ticket for added security. As a result, not everyone is intended to use Android Ticket Validator. We advise you to manage your transactions with Famoco terminals.

The app's assets

You can rest easy when making mobile payments because the application will not reveal your data to other servers. Thus, your confidential information will be safe and you can use it with peace of mind. The creation of your terminals and the activation of the kiosk mode is also at your service. Passenger information will also be registered so that if you are traveling, for example, you can view your remaining tickets on your smartphone. The same goes for the ticket price and the sales of your transportation card. Ticket validators are everywhere. They are installed on buses and streetcars, on walls and in public transport stations. Indeed, you won't have any trouble finding them.

The app's features

The ticket validator is versatile because it quickly scans tickets. Also, it offers transport operators the scalability of a smartphone that is certified for transport. It also accepts all modes of payment as it can easily read bank cards, barcodes, NFC cards... It is also a powerful barcode reader as it reads mobile and paper tickets quickly. You can also configure the settings, make updates if necessary and even add a brand image at each launch. So, no need to install other applications because it is already connected to a device management platform.