How do mobile payments work?

Published on : 11 February 20213 min reading time

Making a transaction without telephone contact is now commonplace. That’s the case to say. It has been for about a decade now. It is curious to know how it works! What technology device do you need to pay for with your phone? To answer these questions, here is an informative file.

How is it possible to make a remote payment without making a phone call?

The contactless transaction using a credit card is a common practice. Simple, practical, and fast, it is a payment solution. It has seduced the majority of consumers around the world, especially in France. But what is it? Contactless payment or contactless payment, whatever the operating mode, largely requires NFC technology. It’s a modern, wire-free, short-range technology. It helps to transfer information from one periphery to another, over a distance of up to ten centimeters. As a result, there is a strong need for both users to have access to NFC. You will therefore need to verify that your cell phone is equipped with this technology to successfully make mobile payments. It’s a chip that is inserted into your phone during the manufacturing process. Also, you should check whether your cell phone is suitable for it. Without it, payment would be impossible. Famoco offers a solution that creates such an acceptance network using secure Android-based devices that are remotely managed using an integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform.

Where can I make payment with my phone?

If your smartphone is equipped with NFC technology, you will be able to make payments with your cell phone in any establishment or business with a contactless payment terminal. In this case, if you can make contactless payments using your bank card, you can make payments with your phone. It’s that much simpler. When you enter a restaurant or a store, for example, make sure you notice if the payment terminal has the contactless payroll symbol. If you suspect this, ask the manager of the place whether or not he accepts this transaction method. It is a payment solution.

Is there a fee for this payment method?

Contactless mobile payment is, in principle, free of charge in all cases. The appropriate applications for this are also free of charge, but the fees may apply depending on your bank. In general, if you do not have enough money to pay with this method, you should not be charged if you make a contactless payment with your phone.

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