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Scalable solutions: Best practices for computer vision model deployment

Modern technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, prompting the need for robust, scalable solutions. Among these advancements, computer vision holds a significant place, enabling machines to identify, process, and interpret visual data. However, deploying these computer vision models…

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What are the typical uses for PIM?

PIM has a wide range of applications, from small businesses to large enterprises. It can be used to manage customer data, product information, pricing data, and more. PIM can also be used to integrate data from multiple sources, and to…

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What requirements traceability is and why it is important in the requirements lifecycle?

Requirements traceability is the process of linking requirements to their originating source, and to other related requirements, throughout the requirements lifecycle. It is important to ensure traceability of requirements in order to maintain a clear understanding of the relationships between…

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GPS tracker

Can I put a GPS tracker on my motorcycle?

If you’re wondering whether you can put a GPS tracker on your motorcycle, the answer is yes! GPS tracking devices are a great way to keep tabs on your motorcycle, especially if it’s prone to being stolen. By attaching a…

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Can light be used as Wi-Fi?

Sure! Can light be used as Wi-Fi? That sounds like a pretty cool idea, right? Well, it turns out that it is possible to use light as a Wi-Fi signal. In fact, a company called LiFi Labs has been working…

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Tips and tricks for repairing your smartphone

No one can be too annoyed because their smartphone is broken down or broken? To calm you down, know that, whatever the state of your smartphone’s abyss, it can be repaired. To do so, you certainly need a guide. Because…

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Better manage your data science models

Machine learning, big data and data science are technical terms that have become very popular in recent years. However, the perimeters used by each of these terms coincide, but their meanings differ. This could lead to confusion. The description of…

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Solutions for fast data recovery

You have accidentally erased your data or your hard drive has died. Your data remains blocked without you being able to access it. Don’t panic, there are easy ways to retrieve your holiday photos or the minutes of your last…

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Find the best online tracking and mobile computing solutions

There are many tools available online for traceability. More and more people are opting for this solution because it is relatively simpler and more practical. You can follow your products from production to their final destination. Some procedures allow you…

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News about Smartphones and other technologies

In the 1980s, mobile phones were only used for basic functions, i.e. calling and texting. Nowadays, thanks to technology, the smartphone is appearing. It can be used to do many things, for example, take pictures, listen to music, connect to…

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