With the release of its latest operating system for smartphones, Google has broken with tradition. Indeed, it has decided to put to oblivion the dessert names that have been used for several years. This time, a simple number has been chosen to identify Google's latest technological feat: the Android 10. Due to its recent launch, the information and specificities concerning this operating system are not yet very well known by future users. Let's hope that this article can shed some light on the new features brought by Android 10.

A system easy to handle

The Android 10 has the merit of being qualified among the simplest smartphone operating systems. One of the new features of Android 10 is its navigation. While keeping its usual three-button navigation, Android 10 also offers a gesture-based navigation system. This means that the user can navigate the system just by sliding his fingers on the smartphone's touch screen. Gesture navigation can replace the use of buttons. For example, closing an application can be done by sliding the fingers to the left. Similarly, the user can access the menu by moving a finger upwards. Also, Google has integrated the dark mode in the system of the android terminal. This model is based on the use of the black background that preserves the eyes by decreasing the brightness emitted by the smartphone screen. There is also another new update concerning the android 10, to provide optimal security for users. famoco.com can help you implement your business applications on secure Android devices that can be remotely controlled.

Innovative features

Android 10 differs from its predecessors by providing a more convenient android environment. First of all, this operating system has a feature called "bubbles". This feature allows you to group all related applications within the system. Second, there is the "live captions" feature that adds a subtitle to all files read by the system. These files can have audio or video content. Also, phone calls can be converted to text, to assist people with disabilities. This operation is possible thanks to the "live relay" function in Android 10.

Enhanced security

During its development, software designers opted for a new android terminal. This terminal allows sharing the connection via QR codes. This algorithm is more secure compared to the one using a password. Also, android 10 has improved the way data is shared. These new features of the android 10 serve to protect the personal data of the user of the operating system.