New technologies

Service management: find a specialist online

Outsourcing is a service that results from the integration of a set of basic services. . IT outsourcing is the process that leads to this service. Therefore, the objective is to reduce costs. However, companies are increasingly using it as…

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Find a platform of Freelance IT profiles

Now, the freelance status platform has become more and more numerous compared to the local ones. Thanks to the evolution of technology, you are no longer obliged to work in a workplace. All you need is the motivation with a…

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What are the functionalities of an iPhone?

The iPhone is a mobile device designed by Apple. It usually runs an iOS operating system. Equipped with a touch screen, this type of smartphone combines a mobile phone, a digital camera, an iPod, and a computer in a single…

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Find an online collaborative work platform

By definition, an online collaborative work platform is a virtual workspace. Its main purpose is to centralize all the tools needed to conduct a project so that the players involved can have at their disposal everything they need to achieve…

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