The iPhone is a mobile device designed by Apple. It usually runs an iOS operating system. Equipped with a touch screen, this type of smartphone combines a mobile phone, a digital camera, an iPod, and a computer in a single device with an interface. It has important features in addition to its price/performance ratio.

The most iPhone functionality

The most notable and most commercially available feature is the new system-wide dark mode. Buttons and other elements that would normally be white or light will now be black or dark. Some people love the dark modes found on other operating systems, including macOS and Android. These people say that the dark mode is easier on their eyes, and many say that it also saves battery life, as the screen does not need to shoot as much light through its cells to illuminate the elements as it does with lighter themes. After installing iOS 13 on your iPhone, you can turn the dark mode on or off in Settings > Display and Brightness. There, under "Appearance", tap "Dark."

Useful functionality for security

One of the big new privacy features is a new Bluetooth permission setting. You can now prevent applications from accessing your Bluetooth connection. Why would you want to do this? Because applications don't just use Bluetooth to connect to wireless accessories such as headsets. Any application can use Bluetooth to track your location as you move around in your daily life. And now Apple is giving users the power to stop that. An iPhone will also send you notifications when an application has tracked your position in the background, including showing you a map of where the application has tracked your movements. You can then decide whether you want to allow the application to continue tracking your movements or not. For years, Apple's maps were significantly inferior to Google's. But in iOS 13, this is no longer true for most of them. Maps are undergoing a massive overhaul with new vegetation and structure data that even surpass those of Google Maps. Maps in iOS 13 also benefit from its own Street View-like feature called "Look Around" which gives Google's offering an archaic look.

Functionality to make life easier for users

Face ID is Apple's biometric security system for modern iPhones. The functionality is included on the iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro series. It allows you to unlock your phones, check shopping and connect to applications and sites simply by looking at your device. Face ID is one of those things that give the iPhone a magical feel. It's also 20 times more secure than Apple's old Touch ID biometric security system. And in iOS 13, Face ID gets even better. The technology will now unlock the iPhone 30% faster than before. And no, you don't need a new iPhone 11 to get this speed increase. The Face ID speed improvement is purely software, so any iPhone with Face ID will unlock faster once iOS 13 is installed.