You have accidentally erased your data or your hard drive has died. Your data remains blocked without you being able to access it. Don't panic, there are easy ways to retrieve your holiday photos or the minutes of your last meeting.

Seek the help of a professional

If your hard drive, server, or USB drive is down, you can turn to a data recovery specialist. With a laboratory and specialized equipment, they have a better chance of recovering your sensitive information without loss. In most cases, the diagnosis is free, as is the estimate. The price depends on the model of the hard drive, the difficulty, and the place of work (on the premises or at home). In general, an intervention varies between 40 € and 1500 €. As a general rule, your data is recovered with a guarantee with a hard disk data recovery expert in Paris.

How to choose a data recovery specialist

Entrust your hard drive to a professional with many years of service. Experience is a key factor in solving difficult problems.
  • Look for a specialist recognized by many users. You can do this by searching the Internet.
  • To avoid leaks of sensitive data, t is important that the professional complies with the charter of good practice.
  • Look first for a French laboratory, as it is subject to strict regulations and you can take legal action if it does not meet its obligations.
  • The company must not subcontract. Nor should it have any activities other than data recovery. In this case, you can retrieve the information from your PC or hard dsk.
  • You can also ask your friends or relatives who have already been through the same situation as you. You will certainly have a good address with an adequate price.
  • As far as prices are concerned, also use the comparison platforms to find out which one suits you best.
  • Recover this data without the intervention of professionals.
Computer data recovery is a delicate undertaking, usually entrusted to hard disk data recovery experts. But these services are expensive and you risk becoming a victim of data leakage. In this case, you have another option, computer data recovery software.

Once your computer has returned, recovery depends on the situation

Sometimes images, videos, and important documents are accidentally erased from the sin, USB key, or memory card. There is no need to worry, as there is a wide range of file recovery software available on the Internet that can recover deleted documents, videos, audio, photos. If the hard disk is in perfect condition, but the PC is dead, simply connect it to a new machine - this is the simplest case. If you are not familiar with the installation of the hardware, you can follow tutorials on streaming sites. If your hard disk is damaged, you can always recover your important files and transfer them to another medium. Many software programs exist to recover a large amount of data. They can access the data despite the poor condition of the disk. Their effectiveness depends on the algorithm used. They are often necessary for a user with no experience in the field. But tools for professionals are also on the market.