Recruiting in-house IT experts can be time-consuming, tedious, and expensive. Not to mention that they will be a fixed expense for the company. To reduce costs, it is best to entrust the management and maintenance of your IS (computer system) to a specialized company. How to find the right service provider? What are the selection criteria?

IT outsourcing: what exactly is IT outsourcing?

Outsourcing consists of outsourcing all or part of the management, optimization, and security of a company's IT system to a competent service provider. It can therefore be global or partial outsourcing. Thanks to new technologies, the service can be carried out remotely, which makes it possible to considerably reduce human contact as well as costs. At present, three types of outsourcing can be distinguished. Structural outsourcing aims to operate, develop and maintain the equipment. Application outsourcing, on the other hand, takes charge of everything concerning applications. Finally, there is business outsourcing, which mainly targets the business process. An outsourcing contract includes several services. While maintenance and repairs of computer breakdowns are the most common services, the service provider can also take charge of IS management. But faced with needs that are increasingly different, experts always try to offer tailor-made solutions according to customer expectations: IT audit, installation of software and updates, IS operation, maintenance for curative purposes, cloud computing, etc.

What are the advantages of IT outsourcing?

Regardless of the size of your company, you can use outsourcing to optimize internal resources and benefit from a better quality of service. An expert company in this field has the necessary technical skills and a better knowledge of technologies to ensure the proper functioning of an IT infrastructure while optimizing its performance. Outsourcing also allows you to make significant savings in terms of resources and infrastructure. In addition, this solution allows you to quickly detect breakdowns and possible faults in your IT equipment. Solutions can therefore be found in time to limit the damage that can have an impact on turnover and damage the brand image. Outsourcing also means ensuring compliance with good IT practices. Moreover, the services are tailor-made. It is indeed possible to delegate only certain points in order to minimize expenses. Finally, these professionals play the role of advisor. They are in the best position to guide you in the choice of your hardware and the applications to be installed, but also to provide you with neutral and informed advice.

How to choose an outsourcing company?

Certainly, outsourcing the IT service allows you to reduce costs and access more efficient infrastructures in order to optimize production. But not all service providers are the same. That's why it's a good idea to find out about the professional who has caught your attention before signing a contract. On the opinion forums, you can access the opinions and testimonials left by other SMEs that have already used its services. Experience in this field is also a guarantee of efficiency. Therefore, collaborate with a contact person who has been working in this sector for several years. Location can also make a difference. Ideally, you should rely on proximity in order to save time when traveling and money on costs. If the agency is close to your premises, the expert will be able to intervene quickly in the event of a problem. However, this detail is not important if the company plans to manage your computer equipment remotely. Moreover, the solutions proposed must be adapted to the real needs of your company and your employees. This is why the outsourcing expert must be able to consider all the elements in order to be able to provide you with a personalized service that is worthy of your means.