Applied since May 2018, the GDPR or "General Regulation on Data Protection" is a regulation that governs the processing and circulation of personal data throughout Europe. Indeed, the company can benefit from many advantages of this great change.

Reinforces security

In recent years, the problems caused by computer data piracy have taken a heavy toll. Because cybersecurity is at the heart of the matter, the new regulation is based on improving the privacy and security of the personal data of any internet user living in Europe.  Thus, this is an opportunity for any company to implement all good security practices in order to reassure their customers and future customers.  Managers can carry out a whole overhaul to achieve these new technical and organizational measures, such as appointing a leader, reducing the number of people with direct access, placing passwords...

Offers more professionalism

With this constant rise in hackers, Internet users are becoming increasingly suspicious and may even go so far as to falsify their own personal data. With a GDPR company, customers are more confident and the company is seen as more professional in the way it does business. It should not be forgotten that consumer opinions are important parameters on the internet. Thus, the installation of this new regulation would allow the company to offer more professionalism to its customers by ensuring better treatment and more confidentiality so that they can deliver real information. In the same way, if the company works with subcontractors (suppliers...), it will have to require that these subcontractors also comply with the GDPR standards.

Optimize marketing strategies

The GDPR, in its use, modifies certain settings such as e-mailing for example. Indeed, to be able to receive your e-mail, your correspondent must first accept it. Thus, by consenting, professional links are woven through the web. This allows for better productivity because the contact list is made up of relatively interested people. Computer security is a major asset for marketing, so it is in the company's best interest to respect and practice to the letter the rules of data security and confidentiality. It should be noted that any person has the right to modify, communicate or delete all information concerning him/her if he/she so chooses.