An electronic signature is considered to be a symbol. It groups a set of data available in digital form. Its purpose is to highlight a signature on an electronic document. In most cases, it is a perfect substitute for a physical signature and has many advantages.

The electronic signature in a few words

An electronic signature retains the same principle as a simple handwritten signature. It enables a document to be certified. It is an encryption method (a sequence of numbers and letters) used for documents, for electronic messages, or which can be integrated into certain applications. Signing on a pdf without having to print it does not mean that you only need to put a visual identity on it. In the beginning, the digital signature was different from the electronic version. Now they are two completely identical concepts. This practice has been recognized in Europe since the beginning of the 20th century. Its introduction was approved by Directive 199/93/EC. Subsequently, multiple bodies have been set up to introduce certificates that guarantee the authenticity of digital signatures. To establish an international standard, the European regulation of 1st July 2016 was created. Previously, these rules were specific to each country. To find out how to sign a pdf without printing it, click here.

Practical tools for signing PDF files electronically

To add pdf electronic signature, there is a multitude of tools and programs available online. Most of them are easy to use to digitally sign a PDF. On some computers, dedicated software is already pre-installed. Simply open the file in question via these programs and then fill in the corresponding signature fields. It is also possible to make a pdf electronic signature online via specialized sites. On the internet, some platforms offer to make a digital signature through their system. To do this, the file must be imported from the computer and then inserted on the site. This technique also makes it possible to add electronic signatures to a document in PDF format. In all cases, it is important to guarantee the security of each platform, especially for highly confidential information.

The advantages of signing a PDF document digitally without printing it

The pdf electronic signature offers many advantages over a handwritten PDF signature. With only a computer and a good internet connection, the document is signed in a few seconds. Although other options use more developed technology, generally it is not necessary to go through these systems. There is no need to waste time and ink to print the file on paper before signing it. This digital signature process can involve the interchanging of several parties. The owner of the PDF document is identified. There is no risk of damage or loss of the PDF once it has been properly saved. It is now simpler to electronically sign a file on the Internet without having to print it out first. However, this most revolutionary solution still appeals to very few individuals. It is, in fact, companies and large organizations that find it of practical interest to validate their digital documents. Soon everyone will know how to sign a PDF without having to print it out each time.