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Digitalization, document exchange, and the dematerialization of transactions are bringing several changes to companies’ document management.

Companies that do not use digital technologies are struggling to develop their products.

Document scanning solutions

Digital businesses are both efficient and innovative. The digitalization of documents facilitates management operations.


In addition to being a useful accessory to improve the daily lives of the visually impaired, connected glasses are now useful technological tools for the future. Thanks to smart glasses, it is possible to take photos, videos and send messages in a very intuitive way.

Foldable screens are advanced smartphone display technologies. This high-tech technology is a flexible display, flexible, roll-up, or flexible screen accessory.

When we talk about virtual reality helmets, we quickly associate these gadgets with video games. However, RV is also used during training or in the field of medicine.


Electromobility is a trend aimed at the mass market. Professionals and engineers in the industry try to outdo themselves every year. Their goal is to find an innovative safety device or an ingenious way to integrate a hybrid engine.


To operate autonomously, these cars are equipped with a series of laser sensors, cameras, and radars.


The advantage of electric cars is that they pollute less, and their electric motor is quieter than that of a combustion car.


To work, the company fits the balconies of private individuals with a sensor. This device detects occupied or free parking spaces.

Connected Homes
With features like voice-activated assistants and automated routines, connected homes are transforming how we live, making our spaces more efficient and responsive to our needs.
Virtual tours
A 360 ° virtual tour can be accomplished through different media: mobile terminals, VR headsets … These tours accessible in high definition offer a more immersive experience. They can be configured on-demand.
The trick to a successful makeover is to use the services of a home staging expert. When you sell a house, it is essential to tidy up, repair, enhance and harmonize the space, decorate the house…
Interactive ads
Google launches Display, an innovative ad format called Swirl. Its objective is to allow users to interact with 3D objects. Thanks to interactive ads, consumers get more information about the product.
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